Experience the yerger group


Founder of The Yerger Group and hospitality visionary, Ross “Yergz” Yerger, aspires to create a destination experience for vacationers and travelers from around the globe by offering unique resort amenities and world class hotel accommodations, while adding personal touches that give you the sense that you are in the home of Yergz, not a hotel.

The Yerger Group understands the importance of a strong and positive work environment. We are dedicated to creating a great working atmosphere where employees will want to serve all guests as if it were their own home and providing unsurpassed service and experiences possible to guests and locals.

Our brands

Chez Yergz

Yergz knew he could draw from his travel and work experiences around the globe and newly acquired knowledge in hospitality to create an unforgettable experience for guests visiting any one of his “resort homes.” 

Offering a personal touch with exclusive amenities and accommodations not produced by any other resort chain, guests and locals, alike, are treated to unforgettable experiences. 

Chez Yergz- Welcome Home!

Chez Inklusive

A fun and modern approach, Chez Inklusive properties remain consistent with the architecture and esthetics of the community that we’re operating in and serving. 

By being an emersed addition in the community, Chez Inklusive is a favorite destination for locals and guests, and IS the home of Inklusivity! 

This brand is a newer creation. Join the team and help us complete this marketing with the best tag line that WE (You and The Yerger Group) can create!